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Corrugated polycarbonate panels

Corrugated polycarbonate panels are the outstanding roofing material that offers superior physical properties, they are 20-30 times stronger than standard PVC corrugated sheets, the lifespans are from 10 years to 20 years even under hail-stone, snowfall, ice formation, storm, and intense ultraviolet radiation without breaking or buckling. Corrugated polycarbonate panels can work well under a large temperature range from -40°C to +120°C. 

The thickness ranges from 0.8mm to 2mm, the common color is clear/transparent, but other colors are available. Corrugated polycarbonate is favored homeowners for a multitude of DIY applications,  agriculture/commercial industry due to its high impact strength, high light transmittance, and great performance under large temperature range.


Corrugated polycarbonate panels, also well known as "polycarbonate corrugated roof panels", "corrugated polycarbonate roofing panels" and "polycarbonate roofing sheet". It is made from high-grade polycarbonate as raw material, therefore, the corrugated polycarbonate panels offer outstanding physical properties, like high impact resistance, outstanding light transmittance, and great weather ability, they have great performance even under most terrible weather like hail-stone, snowfall, ice formation, sandstorm without breaking or buckling. 

With the co-extruded UV protective layer, corrugated polycarbonate panels have outstanding durability and the longer lifespans compared to other plastic PVC, the lifespan is more than 10 years even under intense ultraviolet and large temperature range (from -40°C to 120°C).

Dilang manufactures standard corrugated polycarbonate panels with standard width and thickness, standard wave profile. We provide customized flexible length and color as your options. Otherwise, we will provide small free samples for quality checking and free pre-cutting service. For customized wave profile, please CONTACT POLYCARBONATE EXPERT.

Are you consider high-quality corrugated polycarbonate panels for your next project? CONTACT POLYCARBONATE EXPERT for the more valuable suggestion.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Panels Specifications

Name: Corrugated polycarbonate panels;

Raw material: Polycarbonate/PC;

Color: Clear/transparent, green, blue, bronze, gray, opal/white, red, or customized colors;

Standard length: 10", 12", 24", 48", 2', 4', 6', 8', 12', 16', 20', 24', 36', 38' (other lengths can be customized); 

Standard width: 756mm(2.48'), 840mm(2.75'), 860mm(2.82'), 935mm(3.06'), 1050mm(3.44'), (other lengths can be customized);

Working temperature: from -40°C to +120°C;

50um co-extruded UV protective layer;

Product NameModel



Light transmittance%



UV CoatingAnti-Fog Coating
Corrugated polycarbonate panelsDCPT935-08-120.031/0.886-921.2One sideOptional
DCPT935-1-150.039/186-921.5One sideOptional
DCPT935-1.5-220.059/1.586-922.25One sideOptional
DCPT935-2-300.078/286-923One sideOptional
DCPT840-08-100.031/0.886-901.05One sideOptional
DCPT840-1-130.039/186-901.32One sideOptional
DCPT840-15-200.059/1.580-852One sideOptional
DCPT840-2-260.078/280-852.64One sideOptional
DCPW860-08-090.031/0.880-850.955One sideOptional
DCPW860-1-110.039/180-851.194One sideOptional
DCPW860-15-180.059/1.580-851.791One sideOptional
DCPW860-2-230.078/280-852.388One sideOptional
DCPW1015-0.8-110.031/0.880-851.152One sideOptional
DCPW1015-1-140.039/180-851.44One sideOptional
DCPW1015-1.5-210.059/1.580-852.16One sideOptional
DCPW1015-2-280.078/280-852.88One sideOptional

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Other countries, please send mail to info@dlpcsheet.com;


1. Incomparable Impact Resistance

Corrugated polycarbonate panels are 20-30 times stronger than standard PVC corrugated sheets, it called "unbreakable glass" and "unbreakable plastic".

2. Lightweight

Corrugated polycarbonate panels are less than half weight than glass, it will reduce the cost of the supporting frame.

3. Excellent light transmittance

Our corrugated polycarbonate panels offer a high degree of light transmittance is up to 93%.

4. Excellent durability

The co-extruded UV protective layer can block 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, the lifespans are from 10 years to 20 years without yellowing.

5. Good Fire Rating

It is hard to set fire to corrugated polycarbonate panels.

6. Free samples, free pre-cutting service;

7. A variety of colors, customized wave profiles, different surfaces are available.

8. Lighter weight and easy to install, easy to cut by standard tools on-site.



Architectural roofing;

Industrial roofing;

Agricultural greenhouses;

Residential roofing: pergolas, canopies, patios & sunrooms, etc.

Light roofing and awnings;


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