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Polycarbonate riot shield

Products Description

Polycarbonate riot shield is a lightweight protection device. It protects police from hurt by the blunt or edged weapons and thrown projectiles in riot control. Some game players use riot shields to protect them, for example, paintball riot shields. Some people call it "anti riot shield, police riot shield or plastic riot shield".

The main material is polycarbonate sheets, therefore, the polycarbonate riot shield is very strong. The parts include riot shield band, riot shield handle, and some bolts.

With the custom logo, polycarbonate riot shield can be used by the different security organizations. Dilang is a leading supplier of polycarbonate riot shields, we provide high-quality polycarbonate riot shields and OEM services.


Polycarbonate Riot Shield Specification

Polycarbonate riot shield is made of high-quality flat polycarbonate sheet. The common thicknesses are 2mm, 3mm, 4mm. The clear color is easy to look at the people around. The thermal forming technology with a mold will help to make a perfect shape. 

Dilang is one of the top suppliers of polycarbonate riot shields and the providers of semi-finished polycarbonate riot shields. Today, we can provide a variety of riot shields including Rectangular riot shield and Round riot shield

Product NamePolycarbonate riot shield
Raw materialHigh-quality polycarbonate sheet
Size1000 mm x 560 mm x 3 mm
Thickness3 mm, 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm
Riot shield weightFrom 2.5 kg to 4 kg (from 5.51 lbs to 8.81 lbs)
Light transmittance≥85%
Riot shield partsThermoformed rectangular polycarbonate sheet, sponge mat, handle, belt
ColorClear/transparent, custom colors are available
StructurePC sheet, sponge mat, braid, handle
LogoCustom Logo
Fire ratingV1 according to UL 94 
Temperature rangeFrom -30℃ to +60℃
Impact strength154J kinetic energy impact
Puncture resistance154J kinetic energy puncture
Handle connection strength≥ 500N
Armband connection strength≥ 500N
Product OriginJiangsu, China
Lead Time7-10   days after payment received
Payment termT/T,   Visa, Western Union, MoneyGram, KoronalPay, Paypal
Shipping PortChina   main ports


Polices and military organizations use polycarbonate riot shields to protect them in the riot control activities.


1. Competitive price

As a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets, Dilang controls all cost of riot shields from manufacturing polycarbonate sheets to the finished polycarbonate riot shields, therefore, our riot shields are competitive at price.

2. High quality

With 25 years of experience, Dilang builds a strict quality control system from manufacturing polycarbonate sheets to fabricating police shields.

3. Robust & indestructible

Polycarbonate riot shields are made of high-quality clear polycarbonate sheets, which is virtually unbreakable.

4. Custom LOGO

The LOGO is painted, Dilang can design LOGO upon your request.

5. Custom sizes and shapes

Dilang is a leading manufacturer of riot shields, we provide custom service.

6. Made by transparent polycarbonate sheet, it is virtually unbreakable;


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