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Flat Polycarbonate Sheet

Flat polycarbonate sheet, named "polycarbonate glazing, polycarbonate glazing sheet, flat solid polycarbonate sheet", it is one of the solid polycarbonate sheets. As an ideal alternative to glass, acrylic, tempered glass for widely application, it is 250-300 times stronger than glass, 20-30 times stronger than acrylic, 25 times stronger than tempered glass, but the weight is less than half-weight of glass. It requires less supporting structure than the all-glass system. 

Polycarbonate glazing can be cut, drilled and cold-formed on site during installation without the preforming. It is saving additional time and labor costs. Just call us for more flat solid polycarbonate sheet specifications.


As the ideal material to alternate glass, acrylic and tempered glass, Dilang polycarbonate glazing sheet has outstanding impact resistance, excellent light transmittance, lighter weight, great weatherability, and high fireproof rating. In addition, the good formability is an important feature, it will be cold bending, thermoforming, drilling, cutting, engraving without breaking. In short, flat polycarbonate sheet is ideal combination materials with high impact resistance, excellent light transmittance, lighter weight, formability, and affordable price.

Dilang with 25 years of experience in plastic industry, can provide not only clear solid polycarbonate sheet, but also colored solid polycarbonate sheet, the common colors are green, blue, bronze, gray, opal/white, red, we also can provide customized color according to the requirement of clients.

The 3mm and 4mm solid polycarbonate sheet are used widely as the roofing sheet like carport roof sheet, greenhouse roof sheet, polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure, polycarbonate riot shield. 6mm, 8mm solid polycarbonate sheet is used widely for noise barrier, sound-proof window, polycarbonate basketball backboard, etc. Over 15mm solid polycarbonate sheet can use as bulletproof products.

Dilang as one of the top polycarbonate solid sheet suppliers in China has polycarbonate sheet store for common size for the fast delivery. Dilang also provides free sample with a size of 20x20cm for quality checking, and the solid polycarbonate sheet cut to size service for free. 

For polycarbonate sheet cut to size, just send mail to info@dlpcsheet.com

Otherwise, Dilang is providing the fabrication service including drilling, engraving, bending, thermoforming, bonding. It will be more convenient for clients to install polycarbonate panels on site directly. 

For how to cut solid polycarbonate sheet, just send mail to info@dlpcsheet.com

Flat Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Specifications

Name: flat polycarbonate sheet;

Raw material: Polycarbonate/PC;

Color: Clear/transparent, green, blue, bronze, gray, opal/white, red, other colors can be customized;

Standard length: 10”, 12”, 24”, 48”, 2’, 4’, 6’, 8’, 12’, 16’, 20’, 24’, 36’, 38’ (other lengths can be customized); 

Standard width: 10”, 12”, 24”, 48”, 2’, 4’, 6’ (other lengths can be customized);

Working temperature: from -40°C to +120°C;

UV protective layer: optional;

Product NameModel



Light transmittance




UV CoatingAnti-Fog Coating
Flat Solid Polycarbonate SheetDLG10T1200.039/1931.2OptionalOptional

For solid polycarbonate sheet price list in China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Asia Countries, please send mail to info@dlpcsheet.com;

For solid polycarbonate sheet price list in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, Middle East Countries, please send mail to dilanguae@dlpcsheet.com;

For solid polycarbonate sheet price list in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Europe Countries, please send mail to dilangeu@dlpcsheet.com;

For solid polycarbonate sheet price list price in Australia, America, Canada, please send mail to dilangau@dlpcsheet.com;

Other countries, please send mail to info@dlpcsheet.com;


1. Incomparable Impact Resistance

Polycarbonate glazing sheet is 200-300 times stronger than glass, and 30 times stronger than Acrylic, it is called as "unbreakable glass and unbreakable plastic".

2. Lightweight

Polycarbonate glazing is less than half weight than glass, it will reduce the cost of the supporting frame.

3. High light transmittance

Our flat solid polycarbonate sheet offers a high degree of light transmittance is up to 93%, with UV protective layer, flat solid polycarbonate sheet keep original color for more than 10 years without yellowing.

4. Easily Fabricated on site

Highly flexible, Dilang also provides polycarbonate fabrication services including cutting, drilling, bending, carving. It is convenient to install on site.

5. Multi-colors are available

Clear, Blue, Green, Silver, Brown, Opal, Black, Red, Orange, Cyan, Purple, etc. It is the right plastic sheet for room dividers.

6. Durability

We confirm the warranty will be 10 years;


Our clients are using the flat solid polycarbonate sheet for the following application.

Basketball backboard;

Bulletproof glass;



Polycarbonate riot shield; 

Noise barrier;

Sound-proof window;



Swimming pool enclosure; 


Stadium roofing material;

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