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V0 fireproof polycarbonate sheet

V0 fireproof polycarbonate sheet is a flame inhibiting, UV-coated plastic sheeting and panel, which is virtually unbreakable. It is named "fireproof polycarbonate panel, fire rated plastic, fire retardant plastic, fire resistant plastics". 

The fire rating is V0/UL94, meantime, it keeps the original properties of solid polycarbonate sheets like excellent impact resistance, lightweight, outstanding formability, easy to install. The anti-fogging coating, anti static processing, hard coated is available for fireproof polycarbonate sheet.

Fire retardant polycarbonate is ideal for a variety of industries and applications including electrical devices, switchgear covers, automotive parts, railway, security components, building roofs, that need a really high fire rating. 


Dilang fireproof polycarbonate sheet is made by the high-quality polycarbonate raw material and fire retardant inside. Therefore, Dilang fireproof polycarbonate has low flammability and high fire rating, it is a flame inhibiting. Meantime, Dilang fireproof polycarbonate sheet is virtually unbreakable. Although stronger than glass and plexiglass/Arcylic, fireproof polycarbonate sheet is easily cut, bend, thermal forming, engraving to meet your fabrication needs.

Dilang is one of the leading manufactures of fireproof polycarbonate sheets. Today, we are providing high-quality polycarbonate sheets and semi-finished polycarbonate products to more than 6000 clients in the world. Just call us, you will find the right polycarbonate sheet for your application.

Dilang will provide a free sample for the common polycarbonate sheet with a size of 20x20cm for quality checking, and polycarbonate cut to size service for free. For more information polycarbonate fabrication, just send mail to info@dlpcsheet.com 

Polycarbonate specification

1NameFireproof polycarbonate sheet
2Raw materialPolycarbonate/PC
3ColorClear/transparent, green, blue, bronze, gray, custom colors
4Fire ratingV0/UL94
5Standard length24", 48", 2', 4', 8', 16', 20', 36', 38', custom lengths
6Standard width10", 12", 24", 48", 2', 4', 6', custom widths
7Working temperatureFrom -40°C to +120°C
8UV protective layeroptional

Size and model

Product NameModel



Light transmittance




UV CoatingAnti-Fog Coating
V0 fireproof polycarbonate sheetDLF15M1800.059/1.586-901.8OptionalOptional

Note: custom size and color are available.

For fireproof polycarbonate sheet price list in China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Asia Countries, please send mail to info@dlpcsheet.com;

For fireproof polycarbonate sheet price list in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, Middle East Countries, please send mail to dilanguae@dlpcsheet.com;

For fireproof polycarbonate sheet price list in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Europe Countries, please send mail to dilangeu@dlpcsheet.com;

For fireproof polycarbonate sheet price list in Australia, America, Canada, please send mail to dilangau@dlpcsheet.com;

Other countries, please send mail to info@dlpcsheet.com;


1. Incomparable Impact Resistance

Fireproof polycarbonate is 200-300 times stronger than glass, and 30 times stronger than Acrylic, it is called as "unbreakable glass and unbreakable plastic".


2. Lightweight

Fireproof polycarbonate is less than half weight than glass, it will reduce the cost of the supporting frame.


3. High light transmittance

Our fireproof polycarbonate offers a high degree of light transmittance is up to 93%, with UV protective layer, fireproof polycarbonate keeps original color for more than 10 years without yellowing.


4. Easily Fabricated on site:

Highly flexible, Dilang also provides fabrication services including cutting, drilling, bending, carving. It is convenient to install on site.


5. The anti-fogging coating is optional.


6. Durability: we confirm the warranty will be 10 years;


Our clients are using the fireproof polycarbonate for the following application.

Automotive parts;


Security components;

Home decoration;

Building roof;

Electrical devices


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