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ESD Polycarbonate Sheet

ESD polycarbonate sheet is designed to control static electricity for wide applications. It is a high-quality polycarbonate sheet that has been coated with anti static coating. The anti static coating layer prevents the static generation and particulate attraction on surfaces. Therefore, it prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD) events. The antistatic coating layer is permanent and isn't affected by humidity.

ESD polycarbonate sheet offers a more flexible design of versatility because it is base on a flat polycarbonate sheet, which has many excellent properties. ESD polycarbonate sheet is light weight and available in large thicknesses and sizes. It also offers superior impact resistance, flame spread properties, and chemical resistance.


ESD polycarbonate sheet (also called "anti static plastic sheet", "anti static polycarbonate", and "anti static polycarbonate sheet", that is available in thickness from 0.059inch to 0.787inch (1.5mm to 20mm). It is also available in large sizes, the width is up to 6.889ft(2.1m), the length is up to 39ft(12m).

The ESD polycarbonate is used widely for dust-free factories, semi-conductor, electronic, transparent room partitions, static control shields, printed circuit boards, instrument boxes, vision windows, electronic equipment enclosure, machine cover, polycarbonate safety shield.

Dilang as one of the leading manufactures of anti-static polycarbonate sheets. We are providing high-quality polycarbonate sheets to global clients. Meantime, we are providing semi-finished polycarbonate products and fabrication/OEM services including drilling, engraving, bending, thermoforming, bonding. Otherwise, we will provide a FREE SAMPLE of 20x20cm ESD polycarbonate sheet for quality checking. Just contact our engineer for the right polycarbonate sheets for your application.

ESD polycarbonate sheet Specification

1NameESD polycarbonate sheet or Anti static polycarbonate sheet
2Raw materialPolycarbonate/PC, anti static coating
3ColorClear/transparent, green, bronze, gray, custom colors
4Standard length4', 8', 12', 16', 20', 24', 36', 38', custom length
5Standard width2', 4', 6', custom width
6Working temperatureFrom -40°C to +120°C;


Tensile StrengthpsiD6389500
Tensile Elongation @Break%D63834000
Flexural StrengthMPaD79013500
Flexural Moduluspsi
Compressive StrengthpsiD69512500
Impact Strength Notchedft.lb/in^²D25616

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansionx10^-5/KD2563.8

Transparent Clear Transmittance, Total (%)%D100370-90

Product NameModelThickness, inch/mmLight transmittance, %Weight, kg/sqm
ESD polycarbonate sheet or Anti static polycarbonate sheetDLESD15M1800.059"1.5mm86-901.8

Note: Custom sizes are available.

For ESD polycarbonate price in China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Asia Countries, please send mail to info@dlpcsheet.com;

For ESD polycarbonate price in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, Middle East Countries, please send mail to dilanguae@dlpcsheet.com;

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1. Excellent Impact Resistance

ESD Polycarbonate sheet is 200-300 times stronger than glass, and 30 times stronger than Acrylic, it is called as "unbreakable glass and unbreakable plastic".

2. Permanent antistatic coating layer

The antistatic coating layer is permanent, it is not affected by weather, humidity, and fog.

3. High light transmittance

Our ESD polycarbonate offers a high degree of light transmittance is up to 93%.

4. Good machinability

You can machine ESD polycarbonate sheet to any complex sharps by cold-formed, curved, cut, drilled, bent without breaking.

5. Easily Fabricated on-Site

Highly flexible, you can fabricate ESD polycarbonate sheet by common tools. Otherwise, we can provide polycarbonate fabrication service.

6. Protection against chemical, graffiti;

7. Durability: more than 10 years, the warranty will be 10 years;


Our clients are using the ESD polycarbonate for the following application.

Dust-free factories;

Static control shields;

Printed circuit board;

Instrument box;

Electronic equipment enclosure;

Machine guards; 


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